My babysitter oops

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Yesterday I went and picked up our babysitter A for piano lessons. I meant to tell her that C had a cloth diaper on and would be needing a change soon.

Quick explanation here. . .she watched S for me too when he was tiny. We used to use prefolds and separate diaper covers with him. Since not everybody is adept at diaper folding, pinning, etc., I kept disposables on hand so she wouldn’t have to mess with it. Now I use the pocket diapers with C, so I showed her the ones with the velcro tabs to use if we were out of disposables. Just as easy as paper. . .

Yesterday she goes in the room to change a diaper. . .and cannot find the disposables. So she looks for one with velcro. Those are nowhere to be found either. So she finds one of the bigger pocket dipes and uses that. No problem.

I felt SO bad though! There were plenty of the velcro ones left, but because of our washer situation, they were still sitting in a laundry basket in my bedroom waiting to be stuffed and put away. I’m having a hard time staying on top of laundry right now, but I’ll be making sure the diapers are washed and easily found from now on. I tend to forget that not everybody knows which liners work best in which diapers and that there’s velcro diapers and waterproof covers in the bottom drawer.

A was very sweet about it all, but I still felt really bad about it!

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  1. LOL! I thought it was kind of funny. I don’t think I’ll forget this funny moment for a long time!

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