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Once again this week I am reminded that we have no control over how long we will spend on this earth.

A dear old saint from our church went to be with the Lord on Sunday. She was 93. I remember when she gave her testimony – telling about how she accepted Christ at the age of 13.

Everybody loved her. Even up until her last months, she still sent out birthday cards and anniversary cards to everyone. Every single person in our church has gotten a card from her. She could barely see, yet she would sit there with a massive magnifying glass and do her best to write a personal note inside each card. The lines weren’t straight, and sometimes you couldn’t even make out the words she’d written, yet it was always obvious that she cared and loved the ones she sent the cards to. She would even call to wish us a Happy Birthday or Happy Anniversary. I can just hear her voice singing, “Happy Anniversary to you all.”

Her funeral is Thursday. I’m sure the church will be completely packed – she had 70-some children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren. And the countless people she loved and prayed for over the years. . .

Our pastor was able to sit with her in the last moments of her life. He told us the things she said as she looked into eternity. . .I could hear her voice in my mind. She was going Home, and couldn’t wait to get there and see her Jesus.

She served God for 80 years. That absolutely amazes me. She wasn’t perfect, but she had accepted Christ and did her best to serve the One Who gave His life for her. Nearly everything about her pointed to Jesus.

I want to leave that kind of legacy. I want people to be able to say that they know I’m in Heaven because the fruit I bore in my life testifies to the fact that I had accepted Christ as my personal Savior. I want the church to be packed for my funeral – not because so many people love me, but because I want people to say, “I’m in church today because of her” or “She led me to Christ when I was 8” or “I want to serve God just like she did.” It sure makes me wonder what kind of legacy I’m leaving.

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