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I don’t know how people who use laundromats do it and still stay on top of everything else! Wow. The boys and I went over to Stephen’s mom’s house on Tuesday to do some laundry, and went to a friend’s house yesterday (thanks, H!). I feel like we haven’t been home much this week. . .and it’s about time for me to go wash another 2-3 loads. Aaahhh!

Seriously though, I’m thankful for the warm weather and a clothesline – it makes it a lot easier to go wash clothes and then bring them home wet so that we can get more done around here.

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3 thoughts on “Laundry”

  1. Oh yeah! I will never take a washer & dryer for granted again in my life, OR running water!! We have been living up here with Jon in the hunting cabin since Easter now. We have electricity, but as mentioned no washer or dryer OR running water. It truely is like the olden days in a way. We get water from the local fire dept and bring it in, laundry mat twice a week…but we LOVE it! We are all together and a “spit bath” never hurt anyone. The wild life is SO abundant and never ceases to amaze me!!

  2. you’re welcome anytime. I enjoyed chatting with you. It’s nice to see another adult during the day. I”m sure if we hadn’t talked so much it wouldn’t have taken as long but the fellowship was well worth it!

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