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Cooking dinner is dangerous.

Last night when I was making supper, I took the lid off the ground beef with one hand. The lid has handles on both sides, but I decided to try it with one hand. I shouldn’t have. There was so much steam built up in the pan that it burned my hand and I dropped the lid.

The problem is that the lid fell onto the floor, hitting my foot in the process. It all startled me and I screamed. Stephen came running. C started screaming because I scared him too. Oops. I didn’t realize how badly I worried Stephen until I realized just how quickly he came running. :blush_tb:

My hand still hurts a little, but thankfully it’s not a bad burn. I forgot about my foot until this morning, when I looked down and saw a pretty blue bruise.

Things are never, ever, dull around here. :laugh_tb:

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5 thoughts on “It's official”

  1. Pressure cookers get SO hot! I hope your arm is feeling better today, Beth.
    Michele – I can’t even imagine. Those turkeys get so heavy they do make me nervous to take them out – usually I get DH to do it for me. Those must have been some horrible burns.

  2. Oh goodness – glad you weren’t hurt any worse! My mom was pulling a turkey out of the oven once and lost her grip and everything went on her legs. It was horrible – she had really bad burns from it 🙁

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