I have a washer

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Oh wow, am I ever happy. Our washer was delivered tonight. It is working again. We’re washing a load of laundry in it right now.

We ended up calling a man from our church to fix it. We figured we’d rather pay a brother in Christ to fix it rather than have the local repairman do it. And this was great. He came and picked it up the other day, and delivered it to us tonight. Woo hoo.

Stephen also took the dryer apart while the washer was gone and there was a TON of lint stuck down in it where we couldn’t reach without taking the back off. It seems to be working better now. We’ll see.

That’s really good too – I have a huge load of diapers that needs to get washed. I hope it’s nice enough tomorrow to line dry them – if I can put stuff on the line AND in the dryer. . .things will really get done quickly. . .

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  1. Oh man – I flunked math – again – your comment blocker gets me everytime!

    Yay for washers – although I really enjoyed your “stomp the clothes clean” pictures too!

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