Food surprise

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Stephen called me on his way home from work today to tell me he was stopping by his mom’s house. He said that they had some leftover food from the school for us.

Did they ever.

When I mentioned the other day that when God gives you free food, you don’t complain about it, I meant it. Well, this time, God gave us the kind of food that had me jumping up and down with glee (seriously).

Bags of long rolls – the kind of rolls you would make sub sandwiches with and then cut them into 2-3 sandwiches. One bag has several long wheat rolls – each 18 inches long at least. Two more bags have hoagie-like rolls in them. Big, eight-inch rolls to make big sub sandwiches from. One of the bags has at least a dozen rolls in it. I’m not sure about the other bag. It went right into the freezer so I’m sure it’s equally full.

There was a TON of lunchmeat. One thing we discovered a long time ago is that lunchmeat freezes well. There were two packages of roast beef and a HUGE party-sized package of several different types of meat. I’ll divide that into smaller packages so we don’t have to thaw the entire thing to get to the meat later.

A big container of sliced cheese. I ate most of the Swiss cheese :cool1_tb: but there’s a good bit of American left.

There were several containers of flavored mustards. . . and a big bottle of Subway’s sweet onion sauce. Yum.

There was also an ice cream bucket mostly full of hamburger patties, and four hamburgers made up with cheese and buns.

Oh – and an entire ice cream bucket full of corn.

Most of the food will freeze well, and the food that won’t will go onto this week’s menu.

Not only that, but when I went to go pick up the babysitter and her sister (her sister comes once in a while), they brought me a couple bags of salad. I had just bought a head of iceberg lettuce, but this was Romaine and spinach. Someone had given them some salad that was about to expire, and they passed some along to us. We’ll eat it soon enough so spoiling won’t be an issue. After all, salad is on the menu for tomorrow night’s dinner.

I’ll do a bit of changing around to our menu plan for the week. We’ll eat a lot of produce this week (my frig is packed!) and I’ll put what I can onto next week’s menu.

How cool is that? God has provided a ton of food for us – again. I’m incredibly excited. What a great reminder that He cares about our needs AND our wants!

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2 thoughts on “Food surprise”

  1. Awesome!! My father in law works for a distributor and brings home almost outdated bread and snack foods. We currently have about 8 loaves of different breads in our freezer – and the kinds we wouldn’t typically buy because they are expensive! God is good!!

  2. What a huge blessing!!! God has done that for us so many times I know we’ll never go hungry.

    I’m glad you can see God meeting your needs and give Him the praise for it!

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