Computer surgery

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Ugh. My computer is dying. Stephen’s going to try to fix it for me as soon as I get off here.

Hopefully it’s as simple as replacing the video card. Thing is though, we just replaced it a month ago, and my computer is still acting up, freezing, and shutting down. But at least it’s an option to try.

If that’s NOT it, he’s going to take my hard drive out and put it in his old computer. His company gave him a new one. How cool is that?

If THAT doesn’t work, well, I guess we get to start looking for a new computer. Not what I really want to go spend money on right now, but a new computer would be nice. . .

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2 thoughts on “Computer surgery”

  1. Hey Melody. If DH is in the least bit computer savy build your own. It’s easy and not quite as expensive (depending on what you want). We built a massive gaming computer for 1000. It would have cost 2100 from a store. We built ours so it wouldn’t be obsolete for a while. Obviously if you don’t play many computer games you can go even cheaper by building. Try a site like or and check out prices. It’s easy to do. You just plug the components in and it works.

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