A conversation about death

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S has been paying attention the past couple of days. We were in the van and we were listening to music. One of the songs talked about how Jesus died on the cross. All of a sudden, I heard a little voice from the back of the van.

“Mommy, Jesus died on the cross.”

“Yes, honey, He did.”


“Because Mommy and S were born very, very bad, and Jesus died so that we could go to Heaven with Him.”

“Like Mrs. Buckner.” (She is the woman from our church that passed away on Sunday)

“Yes, like Mrs. Buckner.”

“Why did she have to go to Heaven?”

“Because it was time for her to go to Heaven to be with Jesus.”

I’ve not specifically told him that she died, but it has been discussed openly in front of him. It amazes me how much he’s picked up. I don’t know if he realizes he won’t see her this side of eternity any more, but he knows she’s in Heaven.

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  1. yes they are like sponges with soaking things up. I had to tell Emi about it when her mawmaw died. SO she understands about Mrs B too. I’ve told her that she is in heaven with her new body, eyes and ears and is enjoying seeing and hearing Jesus. I think that really sank in seeing as she knew what condition she was in here on earth.

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