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We’ve known that our dog Buddy is afraid of everything. But this takes the cake.

One of the roosters is out. It’s our biggest one – a huge Rhode Island Red. He’s not mean, but he’s out of the pen.

He just walked within 10 feet of the dog. Buddy could easily have had him for lunch, but he didn’t. He kept his distance.

That rooster is friendly. He won’t let you pick him up or anything, but he definitely won’t attack you. But apparently the dog is afraid of him.

Our silly dog. He’s a huge black Lab mix that looks more like a German Shepherd. . .but he’s afraid of a chicken. Good thing he’s a good alert dog. He barks at everything that moves. But afraid of a chicken?

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5 thoughts on “That dog”

  1. Beth and Nicole, I agree with you. We used to have a tiny little terrier mutt that wasn’t afraid of anything. Funny how that works, huh?
    Sara – Abbie is just too funny. She does bark at everything!

  2. Thant’s funny,Abbie barks at EVERYTHING too. But when it gets close she either gets scaredor real happy. It’s funny.

  3. I have to agree Nicole. I also have a 22 lb. Rat Terrier who knows no fear. She’s gone toe to toe with my neighbors pit bull.

  4. I have a theory that the bigger the dog the more scared the are of little things. My dad was a Narcotics officer when I was growing up so we had a huge Malamor drug dog in our backyard who was scared to death of crawfish.

  5. LOL Melody that is so funny. I have a Shepard/yellow lab mix who looks like a Shepard. She too is afraid of everything. If I carry a paper plate across the room, she runs off. My vet says that it is the Shepard breed. They are often skittish of everything.

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