Spring is coming

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Yesterday while I was outside I discovered some crocus that had bloomed. It was quite the surprise because in the 6 years we’ve owned this house, I’ve never seen any crocus. There are quite a few other flowering plants on our property (daffodil, grape hyacinth, tulip, gladiolas, and roses come to mind), but I’ve never seen crocus. It was also surprising where they were located – right in a small garden bed around our porch. It’s probably been dug up at least a dozen times. It was a neat to find.

While we were at it, we picked a few daffodils and grape hyacinth to bring inside.

And since we can’t leave C out. . .

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5 thoughts on “Spring is coming”

  1. Sam looks so cute in the picture with the flowers. And well C is soooooo adorable….
    God has truly been good to you.

  2. Melody,
    Your little one is adorable. Congratulations on the well deserved, well prayed for little one. I’m still praying for my miracle, but God is faithful.

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