Realized something

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Last night I realized something. I have the weirdest nicknames for my boys.

I have called S Sweet Pea for ages. That seems like a nickname for a girl, but I’ve called him that ever since he was tiny. Now though, it’s been shortened to Pea.

I’ve been calling C String Bean. The swaddle blanket we use is green, and he looks like a little string bean all wrapped up in it.

Pea and Bean. What’s next? If we have another some day, am I going to call our next child Pepper?

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3 thoughts on “Realized something”

  1. That is too funny! I have been calling Jonson Sweet Pea for almost 6 years now…I’m sure one of these days he is going to realize its a flower and say–MOM, don’t call me that 🙂 But for now I love it and YEA its CUTE! 🙂

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