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Since we’re working Dave Ramsey style to pay off debt (and be debt free forever – I cannot wait!), I was looking around the other day to try and find a debt snowball calculator. I’m fairly good at math but don’t know how to calculate the total properly including interest, so I looked for something where I could just type in numbers.

It was eye-opening to see when things will be paid off if we continue paying exactly what we pay now. It was also fun to play with the numbers to see how much extra we could pay a month to get the total paid off sooner.

Stephen got a raise a few weeks ago. We’ve been living uber-frugally for so long – out of necessity. But now, seeing dates and numbers, it gives me good reason to keep living as frugally as we can so we can get things paid off sooner. Why loosen up now when we can relax for good later?

So anyway, here’s the link.

Snowball Debt Calculator

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4 thoughts on “Neat resource”

  1. How wonderful that you can see an ‘end’ in sight.
    Thank you for sharing the resource.
    Thank you, too, for your kind words. They were such a blessing to me. ;o)

    ~ Christina

  2. Sunny, you’re right. It never really is our money. That is another reason we’re working hard. Maybe that’s another blog post some time. . .

  3. First off, I had to think about adding 9 and 6… how sad. (The antispam thing…) Anyway, Dave Ramsey Rocks! And credit cards Wreke! Justin and I have paid off over $8500 in debt since Sept! It feels good to do all things the right way. I never really thought that God would care how I handled my money… but that is just it, it never was my money, it is all His. Glad to know that you guys are doing well also! I need more photos of little C… and S.

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