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God has really been blessing us with our farm animals. We have about 30 chickens and 3 goats. It’s been a while since I’ve counted the chickens; we were just given a few, and some of the babies we hatched a couple months ago died.

We also just ordered a bunch more birds. We ordered some different breeds this time – including some Americanas (they’re the ones that lay colored eggs). I’m so excited to get them. Stephen ordered them just for me – just because I wanted them for the colored eggs. Isn’t that sweet of him? :wub_tb: Someone asked me recently if I thought people would want to buy blue and green eggs and not brown. Heh – I want them for our use – it’s not worrying me, lol! I don’t mind baking with green eggs (green eggs and ham, anyone?) and we didn’t order them to sell their eggs. Some people might want the colored eggs, but I just think they’re neat.

We also ordered a bunch of meat birds. We’ve been incubating some of our own eggs to raise for meat, but decided this time to order some specifically for meat. There’s nothing that tastes as good as homegrown chicken (homegrown? um. . .maybe I should say home raised. . .oh whatever. Homegrown.) so I’m excited to get more to put in the freezer.

It will be a while before they arrive though. I don’t think they ship for another month. We wanted to go ahead and get them ordered though.

The last set of birds we ordered have really picked up laying. They’ve been laying for several months, but they’re laying so well now. I am so thankful for that! We have 16 layers (I think), and we’ve been getting 9 or 10 eggs every day. The other day we got 13 eggs. That’s more than we’ve ever gotten in one day before.

(we do wash them before we sell them, really)

We get so many that we’ve been able to sell quite a few of them. It’s so neat – the money we make from selling the eggs pays for their feed, so in essence, the hens pay for their own upkeep. I love it.

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4 thoughts on “Farm news”

  1. Lisa, we think so. It might not seem like much to others, but we love it. It’s so neat to see how God has been fulfilling a dream of ours!

  2. I think it would be oh so fun to have colored eggs around this time of year.
    And the green eggs and ham thing would be so much fun for the kids.
    I had no idea that some chickens laid colored eggs…………..
    Sounds like your little farm is coming together very nicely…………….

  3. Yes, just the shells are green. Green yolks – wow – those would look pretty weird! I have noticed that fresh eggs have darker yolks though. Some of our yolks have been almost orange they’re so dark. Weird, huh?

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