Candid moment

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Today while I was working in the kitchen, I had C in a bouncy seat nearby so he could see me. S walked into the kitchen and started playing with C. I assumed he was bugging him, but I stopped so I could see what he was really doing before I scolded him.

S had C’s hands in each of his, and was raising both hands up in the air. “Say Glory!” “Hallelujah!” “Praise the Lord!” With each remark, S would raise C’s hands up in the air.

In his own way, S was trying to teach his little brother how to praise the Lord. It was an amazing moment to watch.

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4 thoughts on “Candid moment”

  1. That is precious.
    Also Im so happy your such a wonderful mom, a lot of moms would have scolded before taking the time to wait and see.
    Im glad you have these two little boys to bring you so much joy.

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