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It amazes me how long I go between posting sometimes. It’s not for lack of ideas – I just tend to either forget or not get a chance to get on here and post.

Life is so much busier with two children. Wow. I absolutely love it! It has been a challenge to adjust to tending to two while trying to get other things done though. I’ve also been on a major housecleaning kick and that’s been rather difficult because just as soon as I start a project, usually little C wakes up wanting to nurse. That’s ok though. He’s such a little sweetie and this stage won’t last forever, so the housework can wait.

Speaking of C – he’s growing like a weed! At his 1 month well baby visit, he weighed in at 9 lb 1 oz – which is a 2 pound gain since he had been in there last. He’s just starting to outgrow the newborn clothes he had.

S is a fantastic big brother and loves to be a helper. He helped me make muffins last week. Hopefully in the next day or so I can get those pics uploaded.

Last week Stephen let me use some of the leftover money from our tax return to buy supplies for a mother’s bracelet. I’ve been wanting one for quite a while and now I’m getting one. I’m so excited! Another thing I got was some hair sticks to embellish (with beads, of course). These will probably all be for me (hair sticks are my current favorite hair accessory), but I’ll definitely be photographing them and adding them to the store.

The rest of our tax return went to bigger things. . .like paying off some debt and bills. We’ve been working Dave Ramsey style to get our finances in shape. It has been a lot of work, but it is SO worth it to see progress. At first I was discouraged that we weren’t doing something more fun with the money, but honestly, being that much closer to being debt free is really encouraging. Working hard at being frugal is really paying off. After being frugal out of absolute necessity for so long, it’s nice to know that it’s paying off.

Today the piano tuner came. My piano has been so out of tune – it has been discouraging to play, between being so out of tune and the two keys that wouldn’t play. I guess that’s a hazard of moving last year. Oh well – it’s fixed and sounds so much better now. When he left, I sat down intending to play for a while, but C decided he was hungry before I finished playing the third piece. :O) It was nice while it lasted though. I can’t wait until I can sit down uninterrupted again.

I’ve also been able to work a little bit on my star quilt. I got 100 red and cream squares pieced for the border yesterday, thanks to a speed piecing tip I read. That part only took about 30 minutes! Piecing is one of my favorite parts of quilting. I’m a bit stumped on the rest of the border though. The star section is smaller that I’d like it to be, but I don’t have enough coordinating fabrics to do more stars. I can add a double or triple border, but it’s still on the small side. It should be big enough to curl up in, but I wanted to make it twin-sized so it could also be used on a bed. My mother in law is an incredible quilter though so she’s bound to have some ideas.

Well, I thought C was asleep for the night. He is a GREAT sleeper – he slept 7 hours one night when he was only 2 weeks old. Most nights he doesn’t sleep quite that long, but it’s still longer than during the day. He’s starting to act hungry again, though. Guess I better go!

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