An "I need coffee" day

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This day is only half over and I’m thinking I should just go ahead and brew a pot of really strong coffee. Maybe if I put a lot of my favorite vanilla creamer in it that’d be even better. Or maybe I should just drink it black. . .

My day started with my annual doctor visit. Stephen is good – he renamed it my “annual invasion” appointment. Ha. I had lots of questions for the doctor about pcos and insulin resistance and the need (or not) for me to be back on the metformin. She’s sending me for a glucose tolerance test to determine if I’m still insulin resistant. I was surprised to find out that IR can improve or even go away with lifestyle changes like proper diet and exercise. I knew those things could help; I didn’t realize that there was a possibility that it could go away. So Friday I go for the test, and the results of that will determine my treatment. All I know for sure is that I felt really good after losing weight – because the pcos was under control for probably the first time in my life. I don’t want to go back to feeling as poorly as I was before that.

That does give me the motivation I needed to start cutting back in the carbs more. I think buying those cake, cookie, and brownie mixes at the triple coupon sale last week might have been a bad idea. Honestly though, letting S have a spoonful of chocolate frosting was a worse idea (I was eating some and thought I’d share). It made him more hyper much faster than I thought it would.

Which leads to lunchtime. I made tomato soup. Good thing I made it with milk. When S knocked his almost full mug of it off the table, it splattered pinkish-orange goo all over the beige carpet instead of splattering red stuff. And he spilled the soup right as I was starting to tell him not to play at the table. Oh well. But I’m kicking myself for letting him have that frosting.

So I go to clean it up and discover that the soup has gotten inside the booster seat. I dumped the seat in the shower to rinse it off and go back to scrubbing the carpet. Right as I’m finished, I pick up the pan of soapy water. . . and dump it right back on the floor. The pan was flimsier than I thought.

I needed to vacuum under the table before tonight’s lesson, but it’ll have to wait until the floor dries out a little. I don’t want to ruin my vacuum. The floor really is that wet. Hopefully I can get to it before lessons.

Oh – I didn’t mention that little C isn’t feeling all that well. Poor guy is really congested. So much so that if he cries very hard, he snorts because he can’t breathe. We’ll be stopping at the store for some saline drops when we go out to get the sitter later this afternoon. I feel so badly for him because you can just tell that he doesn’t feel well. And as a result, he wants to be held all the time.

So yeah, that’s been my morning. I had planned on getting more things done around the house today, like dishes and laundry, but it’s looking like those will have to wait a bit. Maybe C will nap long enough later

Now, about that coffee. . .

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4 thoughts on “An "I need coffee" day”

  1. Oh – I don’t start my day without a press of the button on the coffee machine – just too risky of a move to go without coffee!!!

  2. Bless your soul Melody. You NEED good strong black coffee. Hopefully you’ll get good news at your IR test. I know what you mean about the carbs. I’ve been on a binge since my last prednisone treatment for my asthma and my PCOS is rearing it’s ugly head. I’m trying to bring it back under control.

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