Laundry day

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This is what I’ll be doing all day. . .

I have a ton of laundry to do today. Yes, there’s the usual clothes, but I’m doing a bunch of towels and sheets today too. I’m behind on washing those so today I’m trying to get caught up. Once this load goes on the line, I’ll be putting a couple of quilts in the wash. They’ll smell so good after hanging out on the line!

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2 thoughts on “Laundry day”

  1. Nicole, our line is two t-shaped poles in the back of the yard with three lines strung between them. The lines are just plastic covered cord strung through loop screws (can’t think of the right name for them at the moment, sorry. Screws with loops on the end that you can string stuff through). It was there when we bought the house. You can see the pole a little bit in the background of the picture.

  2. How did you put up your line? I would like to hang my clothes to dry but I do not know where to start as far as putting up the line.

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