Cloth diapers – so far

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Well, I started with cloth diapers today. I’m not convinced I like some of the ones that I made.

The first ones I made were from the newborn size Mama Bird pattern. I didn’t make very many since babies grow so fast. That was a good decision. The rest that I made are from the Rita’s Rump Pocket pattern. It was great to sew, but they’re considerably bigger and won’t fit C for a while, even folded down.

Leak-wise, the Mama Bird ones are fine. As big as they looked, the size is okay too. I was actually surprised to see that the tabs didn’t fit as far around C’s waist as I thought they would, but they still fit. Most of the ones I made I lengthened the tabs on, so that should be good once he grows more too.

The only complaint I have is they don’t fit my skinny baby all that well in the legs. Maybe I should have used shorter elastic in the legs so that they’d be tighter; I don’t know. So far he hasn’t had a massive poo blowout, so they haven’t leaked, but there’s enough space around his thighs that it looks like it could potentially be a problem. Unless he chunks out in the very near future. . .

The convenience of the all-in-one diapers is wonderful though. That much I’m 100% sold on – they’re SO much better than the prefold and plastic pants routine that we did with S. I didn’t mind it then, but this is a big improvement.

I thought about starting the cloth sooner, but figured I’d wait a little first. They were pretty big, and we had quite a few disposable diapers in the newborn size that needed to get used. Those things are so tiny! :O) We’re out of NB size now though, and the Size 1 that we do have are just too big for him yet. So I decided to start the cloth today. It feels good to toss a cloth diaper in the bucket instead of having all the paper ones that just get thrown in the trash.

So far, so good. . .

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6 thoughts on “Cloth diapers – so far”

  1. Alrighty – thanks – guess I need to add a box of pullups to the Costco list again…sigh…man, I’m really ready to stop buying those! I don’t even want to think about how much we’ve spent on diapers and pullups in the past 3.5 years. EEK!

  2. Michele, I haven’t figured out a good solution to replace pullups – S is still in pullups at night too. We even used cloth with him the entire time he was in diapers. Our biggest problem is finding something that works as well as a pullup. All the cloth training pants I’ve tried leak after one wetting. . .which wouldn’t work well at night. I don’t know. Sorry I don’t have any suggestions for you. It’d be nice to find something for us too!

  3. Interesting – I wish we had at least tried cloth.

    Question. Have you used for older kids? I’ve still got one in pullups at night – hadn’t thought about putting her in cloth – maybe that would even help with the night training?

  4. LOL Heather. We try to keep a package of disposables at the house all the time so that we have diapers for church. I don’t mind bringing my babies to church in cloth, but I try to keep disposables in the diaper bag for the nursery workers. So don’t worry. ;O)

  5. I hope he doesnt have a massive blow out that leaks but since I know that will eventually happen, I hope he has it at home and not when you are out somewhere (especially at church when I have nsy lol ) I know thats bad but I get enough of that at work in the dispoable diapers lol

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