He slept through the night!

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I guess it’s official. C slept through the night last night. He ate at 11 last night, and then woke up wanting to eat at 5:45 this morning. He’s slept well some other nights too, but this is the first time I’d actually call it “sleeping through the night.” Either way – 5 hours of straight sleep (or more) – I’ll take it!

That would explain the somewhat presence of a brain I have this morning. LOL!

It was lovely. That time of day is so peaceful. All you hear is the chickens (well, once the neighbors have left for work, that is). Stephen brought me my Bible and a cup of coffee, so I was able to have my quiet time while I fed the baby. Mmmmm. What a great start to my day!

Hopefully I’ll be able to have more mornings like this – it was absolutely wonderful.

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  1. I”m glad he slept for you. Thats the best feeling in the world when they finally sleep and you feel somewhat normal!

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