A new (to us) car!

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For months I’ve been praying that God would provide us with another vehicle. I love our van, but it is an ’89 Chevy Astro van with over 288,000 miles on it. It’s been a great vehicle, but it’s getting tired. So I began praying for the next vehicle.

To make a crazy-long story short, we have a new car now. Well – I say new, because it’s new to us. It’s a Toyota Camry. It’s a few years old, but is in great condition and drives well. I love it.

One thing I am thankful for is the gas mileage it gets. It seems like we can go for forever without filling up the tank – and compared to the 11mpg the van gets – I’m very thankful. Especially if you consider that some weeks Stephen drives as many as 500 miles for work (he does computer tech work, and drives to different companies each week).

I love seeing answers to prayer like this. I prayed that God would give us a car, and He did. We will save money on gas, and the cost of the car fits well within our budget. After being a one vehicle family for almost two years, I’m happy to have a second car again. I really don’t go much, but still, having a vehicle here with me every day is so much more convenient. I am so thankful!

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5 thoughts on “A new (to us) car!”

  1. Lol Beth! I like used cars too, especially when you get them from someone you know (that has been the case with all of the vehicles we’ve owned). It’s nice knowing the problems a car has had and what the car has been through.

  2. Aren’t used cars great? You can get a nice car for less than the price of a new. We bought a ’93 Mercedes 2 weeks ago and it’s a great car. We look rich! LOL

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