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Yesterday I had my weekly OB visit. Based on the exam, the doctor told me that I’m near delivery and that he wouldn’t be surprised at all if I went into labor by the evening (sorry y’all, but I’m not comfortable sharing details about dilation, etc. right here on the internet). So when the contractions started later, I got excited.

We went to bed, and when I woke up the first time, I realized the contractions had stopped. Grr. I was really hoping! Then come morning, when they started again and were coming every 6 minutes, I started getting really excited. I called my doctor and they wanted me to come in. Stephen took the day off work (the van has a flat tire right now so until we can get it fixed, we’re down to the one vehicle) and took me to the office. He was just as excited as I was – he is so excited to meet this baby!

In the practice I go to, patients see whichever doctor is on call. I was pleased that I was able to see the same doctor that saw me yesterday. He told me that there was no change so far, but to come back in a few hours to be checked again.

We went back later, and again there was no change. I was very disappointed, but not surprised since the contractions had backed off again in between visits.

I told Stephen I felt like the little boy who cried, “wolf” too many times – I didn’t want people to think I was just making things up. Even the nurse was really nice about it, telling me that that happens pretty often with first pregnancies. Maybe it has something to do with not knowing what “real” labor really feels like. . .all I know is that when I was having contractions 6 minutes apart for two hours. . .that seemed pretty real to me!

So we sit back and continue to wait. I’m 38 1/2 weeks now, so not much longer either way. But I sure was disappointed to find out I was wrong!

My husband just cracks me up though. He told me Sunday night that instead of buying me flowers when the baby arrives, he’s going to buy me a broom and a mop. Today he was making me walk laps around the car before we left for the doctor – to “get the labor going.” I love how he makes me laugh!

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20 thoughts on “Got excited today”

  1. Oh boy how exciting! With Jonson my contractions started out at 3 min apart and lasted for 12 hrs never getting any further apart till I had him only closer. I am praying for you everyone in your growing little family!! And that He will give you all the strength you need durring the birth…Im praying!!

  2. LOL Heather. So far, I’m still at home. . .labor hasn’t started yet. So if you see me there – it’ll be because I’m just checking in!

  3. When the Boss was born I only called the dr because my contractions were AVERAGING 5 minutes apart. Since I had a check-up at noon anyway she told me to just wait. I had my appointment and she said I could skip lunch and go or, if I wanted to eat, wait until later. I ate strawberry concrete (DH got me a large) and a couple of hours later I was bleeding heavily so off we went.
    With the twins I thought I was wetting the bed…even though I didn’t feel any pressure like I needed to go. When the contractions started I figured out what it was. The Little Prince was born half an hour after we got the hospital and the Diva by c-section 15 min. later.
    Whatever you’re expecting, they always surprise you.

  4. Don’t worry Mel….I think my mom went in 3 times before i was born…lol! I’m so excited for you!!!!

  5. LOL Susan! Stephen and I have a standing joke about him delivering the baby here at home. . .but let me assure you – if I think I’m in labor, I will definitely be calling the doctor, lol!

  6. Oh, I’m so excited for you!!! Don’t worry about the false alarms; they happen quite often. Just don’t get to the point that you say “oh, it’s just another false alarm” and not go in! LOL I can’t wait to here that your little one is here!

  7. OHMYGOSH!!!! I am ready to pee my pants with excitement! I did the same thing with Oliver and Liam. With Oliver I thought my water was leaking at 26 weeks or something…I just had urinary incontinence ๐Ÿ™‚ That was embarrassing! Liam I went in having contractions, hard ones! I was wrong. But, you just wait, that little booger can’t hang out in there forever. OHMYGOSH!!!! Please let me know somehow…when it happens. You will do wonderfully! So EXCITED!!!

  8. Melody,
    I don’t think it’s a first pregnancy thing at all. Our birthmom was on her 7th pregnancy and still we had 2 false alarms. Sure is exciting though, isn’t it? I can’t wait to hear that your little one is here!

  9. Stephanie Viars

    Oh Brother Stephen lol Melody just dont let him talk you into none of the other things lol.

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