What a change of events

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This just cracks me up.

I teach one piano lesson on Tuesday evenings (my other lessons are on a different day). Tonight’s lesson was supposed to be longer than usual. No big deal.

Well, yesterday, Stephen found out that he needed to go out of town tonight for work. He’s only an hour away, but the company is putting him up in a hotel for the night because he needs to stay late tonight and be there super early tomorrow. Not a big deal, other than it leaves me here at home 32 weeks pregnant with a 3 year old and no car (which really still isn’t a big deal because if something happened, there are people around who could come get us).

Well, I can’t teach tonight’s lesson without someone to watch S. So I asked my mother-in-law to come over just long enough to watch him. She lives 5 minutes away.

Today at lunchtime she called me to say that she’s got a stomach bug and isn’t coming tonight. Okay – I figured I’d call one of our teen girls from church and hope her mom can bring her here.

So I call the mom, she says ok, and I plan on them coming.

Fast forward to now. I am utterly exhausted. Apparently I overdid it today. At 6 pm (an hour before my student is due to arrive), I check my email.

There’s an email from my student’s mom in my inbox. “We won’t be coming tonight – I’m so sorry for the short notice.” (She wasn’t being inconsiderate, just to let you know – it was a perfectly legitimate reason)

I stood there at the computer and said “Praise the Lord!” I would not have canceled lessons, but I am so tired right now that it is a relief to not have to worry about people coming to the house.

Then I get back on the phone to make another call. “I’m sorry for the short notice, but I don’t need you to come tonight now.”

It just cracks me up to see how much one simple thing like a piano lesson can have such an impact on one day’s events! I never would have thought this morning that I’d need to go back and forth on the phone so much about one 45-minute time slot!

So here I am, waiting for supper to finish, sipping a cup of fully-caffeinated coffee that I started brewing before I found out about lessons. I figured a small mug might be nice. . .and it is. . .but now I’ll be up late, all for no reason! Oh well. Maybe I can get some Christmas gifts finished. With Stephen gone and S in bed, I ought to be able to finish their gifts tonight with no problems, lol!


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