Freezer adventures

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When you grow and butcher a variety of different meats for your freezer, sometimes it can present an adventure when you’re looking for something in particular.

Tomorrow is our church’s Christmas party. I was asked to bring potato soup. To make it, I need chicken broth, so I opened the freezer this morning to get a chicken out to cook for tonight’s supper. Cooked in the crockpot, it would produce enough broth for tomorrow’s soup.

Thing is, I kept pulling out packages of other meats – Stephen doesn’t label things the same way I do and he was the one that put them up. So I was examining each plastic bag, trying to determine exactly which animal was in each. Finally I found a chicken. I know it was a chicken for sure because of the way he had tied the legs – I had asked him to tie the legs differently so the huge birds would fit into my crockpot without having the legs stick out from under the lid. :O)

I am so thankful that we do have meat in the freezer! Our freezer is stocked pretty well, and right now, having the extra savings on groceries is wonderful.

S walked into the room and looked at the chicken. “What’s that?”

I told him it was a chicken.

“Is it dead?” I assured him it was.

“Does it say ‘Bot-to-doo?'” (that’s his interpretation of what a rooster says)

I had to laugh. I told him it used to say that, but doesn’t any more.

“We gonna eat it?” Well. . .that was the plan. . .

Silly boy!

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3 thoughts on “Freezer adventures”

  1. Michelle, I didn’t even realize I had typed feet until I saw your comment! I am laughing so hard at my mistake right now!

    We don’t keep the feet on – we leave the same amount of leg on the chicken as what you’d get in the store if you bought a whole chicken.

    What a mental image – a whole chicken in the crockpot with feet sticking out the side! I’m seriously cracking up here. Sorry about the confusion!!!

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