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Someone emailed me yesterday asking if I’d posted any recent pregnancy pictures of me. . .um. . .it might help if I’d actually remembered to have Stephen take them!

That said, he took a couple last Sunday. I didn’t think I looked that big, until I saw the pictures. Ahem. I guess I’m bigger than I thought. On the other hand, this weekend I’ll be 32 weeks. I guess that’s not too bad. Just about all of my weight gain has been out front too, so I shouldn’t be complaining in the first place.

31 weeks

This pregnancy has been pretty trouble-free, and for that, I am SO thankful. I’ve had some problems with my back and hip, but they’re more old injury-related, and the extra pregnancy weight is just aggravating a condition that was already there (car accident I was in 8 years ago). My OB recommended an absolutely excellent chiropractor, and those visits have been very helpful.

We’ve also gone to OB visits every two weeks – I still can’t believe we’re this far already! We’re also signed up to take labor classes in January since we missed the November set of classes. Oh well, right?

We went to Stephen’s folks’ house the other day and got our carseat and bassinet out of their storage shed where they’ve been keeping them for us. Even though we still have several weeks (Lord willing!), it still feels better just to have those things ready. I stripped the carseat yesterday and the fabric is in the dryer right now.

I’ve also been doing a bunch of research and antagonizing over which types of cloth diapers to use this time. I think I finally decided on one – it’s called Rita’s Rump Pocket one-size fitted pocket diaper. The fact that they’re one size fits most really appealed to me – I want the convenience of a fitted diaper, but didn’t want to have to make a couple dozen fitteds in each size. I also have a couple of the Mama Bird pocket all in ones cut out and ready to sew – I just haven’t gotten around to sewing them yet. With Christmas coming so quickly, I wanted to get gifts done first. Now that those are mostly done, I can get working on the diapers more.

So there you have it – everything you wanted to know (and more, lol!) about me and this pregnancy. . .for now. . .lol!

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  1. Heather – the pattern I’m using calls for 2 pieces of fabric each measuring 22 x 20 inches. That gets me 6 pieces cut from almost 2 yards of material. I think I might modify the pattern a little though (although it is following one of their suggestions), by using fleece on the outside. Fleece isn’t waterPROOF but it is excellent as a diaper cover. So 2 yards will get me 6 dipes the way I’m making them.

    Anna, yes, there is hope, lol! :O) I’m sewing them for a variety of reasons – one being I have a hard time buying premade diapers if I know how to make them myself. There are TONS out there that you can buy that are supposed to be wonderful (and wonderfully easy too, lol). I’ve just not ever tried them. Most of the cloth diaper mamas I know actually don’t make theirs. . .I think I’m the odd one out on that one, lol!

  2. So excited for you! I am praying for JOY for you throughout the remainder of your pregnancy! I think it’s really cool you are using cloth diapers. I’ve been considering them, but know NOTHING about them…and I don’t sew. Is there any hope for me? :o)

  3. I know your reasons for cloth diaper usage……………but I must say you are a better woman than I am lol. How much fabric do you need to make them? What kind are you using and do you need more? I have some “scraps” that might work. Mostly cottons, no flannel though. SOme fleece if thats not to bulky. let me know.

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