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We’ve been working on trying to get Christmas gifts done around here. Several of them will need to be mailed, so I’m trying to get them done right away so there’s plenty of time to mail them.

Here’s one that took a while. This one isn’t actually a Christmas gift, but it will be mailed with the Christmas gifts, and it’s a project I’ve been working on, so I figured I’d post pics of them anyway. It’s a set of four place mats. I really enjoyed making them – especially the piecing. I think that’s my favorite part about quilting. I really like how they turned out – I told Stephen it’s too bad that I’m not keeping them for myself, lol! The wouldn’t match my plates, though. . .

Blue and white place mat

Close up of place mat piecing
I didn’t actually quilt the mats – I just topstitched them so that they would wear better after a washing.

They were an adventure to make since I had never made any before and didn’t use a pattern. The lack of a pattern wasn’t a problem, but when I finished them up and topstiched them, my machine really didn’t like stitching through all those layers. It made me glad that I hadn’t planned on quilting them too.

Another Christmas gift I finished yesterday was a fleece hat for a new nephew that’s due to arrive in the next week or so. They live where it’s cold, so I made a hat for when they take him out.
Blue froggy baby hat
I made S a hat like this last winter, and just loved it. This one is has an extra layer since the fleece was thin, but I think it turned out nicer too without having any seam edges showing. My favorite part about it is the little fringe on top. You can’t see it as well in the picture here, because I moved it out of the way so you could see the cute little frog on the hat. I love this fleece, but this hat took pretty much the rest of the little bit that I had left (I made S diaper covers out of this fleece, so there were actually several projects that got made out of it).

It was a little bit of a challenge too, to figure out sizing without having the baby right here to measure. It turned out a little smaller than I planned though, so I really hope it fits!

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