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Well, I caved today and got out the Christmas music!

Most years, I start playing it mid-October. This year, I held off for a little bit. But today, I started thinking. Why not start it now? Why not start listening to music that celebrates our Savior’s birth? It’s one of the greatest things God has done for us – sending His Son to live here on Earth so He could die for my sin. . .

So I’m listening to a beautiful instrumental arrangement of Hark the Herald Angels Sing at the moment. It’s so relaxing. So beautiful.

And I cannot wait this year now that S is starting to understand more. I cannot wait to explain to him just why Christmas is such a great time of year!

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2 thoughts on “I'm listening to. . .”

  1. Wow! Already! LOL With our Thanksgiving in October here, it’s hard for me to decide when to start listening to Christmas music and start decorating. In the US, it was always music after Thanksgiving, then decorating after our son’s birthday, mid-December. Now he’s away at college and may not be home by his birthday, so I’m having to change up my traditions a little bit.

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