Huge scare this morning

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We have a fireplace, and in the winter we use it in the evenings to help heat the house. We built a fire last night, even though it wasn’t super cold.

This morning, I was in the shower, when suddenly I smelled smoke. That scared me – my bathroom is the farthest room away from the fireplace. The other thing that scared me is S’s room is on the other side of the house, with the fireplace in the living room, between his room and our bedroom.

Most mornings I try to get up early enough so that I can get through the shower and have time to sit down and have my quiet time before S wakes up. Today, I was pretty happy about how I was doing time-wise.

I don’t think I’ve ever showered so quickly though! I got out of there, tried to throw some clothes on, and practically ran to the living room. I was afraid that S had gotten up early and was playing with the ashes or something and had started a fire, or that a fire had somehow started and he was in bed asleep, but near the fire.

There was nothing in the living room, and S was still in bed sleeping. What a relief! I did see that there were still red coals in the fireplace. . .which is pretty rare after the fire has been out all night. The only thing I could figure out was that the flue was still open and the maybe the wind had blown down the chimney and had pushed some of the smoky smell out into the house.

I am very thankful that it turned out to be nothing, but it was quite the way to jump-start my morning!

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3 thoughts on “Huge scare this morning”

  1. Yikes Melody – that would be scary! We had similar experiences when we had a woodstove – which I miss by the way.

    I’m glad it was all fine!

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