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We have chirping in our house again. It’s the sweetest sound! I just love baby chicks.

For a week, we collected all the eggs that our hens laid and put them in the incubator. Today, the first chick hatched. I think that leaves 8 more to go (if there really were 9 in the incubator, lol).

Chicks are so much fun. This one is really friendly, and loves to be held. I’m hoping for a bunch of females this time – we can always use more layers.

Hopefully I’ll get a chance to post a picture or two when this one gets dried off more and fluffed out – it’s pretty scraggly looking still.

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4 thoughts on “Chirping”

  1. It is cute! How long it takes to tell depends on how experienced the person is at determining gender. I wouldn’t say I’m all that great at it. . .just because I haven’t seen all that many little bitty chicks. But. . .I’m pretty convinced that the first one is a female, and the second one that hatched yesterday is a male.

  2. I’ll bet its cute even though its not all fluffy. How long before you can tell if its a he or she?

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