An early Christmas gift

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My parents came down for a short visit this past weekend. It was so nice to see them again – since they live fourteen hours away, we see my side of the family only a handful of times a year. This time Mom and Dad came now so that they could avoid driving through snow closer to Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Before they arrived, my mom warned me not to stock up on any more meat for the freezer, but not to second-guess any possible reasons. Too late for that one, Mom! But I didn’t dwell on the ideas that presented themselves.

They got here while we were at church Wednesday night, so when we walked in the door after church, there were Mom and Dad, along with three coolers on the floor.

Inside those coolers was a TON of frozen meat. They had considered buying us a side of beef, but we have an upright freezer that’s not too overly big, and they were concerned that everything wouldn’t fit. They opted for a new option that their meat market offers – instead of getting all beef, they got various cuts of beef, pork, and chicken. What a great idea!

The meat in those three coolers completely filled our stand-alone freezer, and quite a bit went into the frig-freezer as well. What an incredible blessing! And what an amazing example of God’s provision! It was really neat to put it all away and see what all the different cuts of meat were. Many of those cuts of meat were cuts that we haven’t bought in a long time – if I’m on a limited budget, I’m not going to go buy steaks when I can get more of a different meat for a much lower price!

There was steak, stew beef, roasts, sausage, ground beef, chicken, and more. And that’s not counting the fresh meat that they bought while they were here.

Dad told me later that my mom’s parents did that for them when they were newlyweds. My grandparents raised beef cattle, so they butchered a cow and split the meat between their four children and their families. My parents wanted to do the same for us. What a blessing.

It is so encouraging to me to know that there’s all that protein in the freezer! I was having a hard time getting creative with whole chickens and ground beef, since that’s what we eat most often. It is SO wonderful to have other cuts of meat to choose from now!

God is SO good!

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  1. I was taking Jonson to school today and right outside the park we live in not 25′ was a freshly hit buck, still warm! Talk about an unexpected blessing-on the side of the road non the less! 🙂 I am blessed to have a husband that can make good of the meat and be able to butcher it ourselves! We had no meat and Jon has been going hunting but missed the one doe he saw (the only thing he can get right now) and the others have all been bucks. Just thought I would share that blessing with you! Your cards are going in the mail tomorrow when I go to town-so look for them soon! 🙂

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