Adventures in 3-year-old diction

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Tonight Stephen and I were eating turkey sandwiches when S decided he wanted a sandwich.

He pronounces sandwich “fwand-gitch.” (say that one out loud!)

Stephen decided to try and teach him how to say it correctly.

It came out “sand-ge-gitch”

We laughed SO hard! He really is trying, but some words come out so funny.

Another of my favorites is the way he says music: “tsu-git” I have no idea where he got it, though!

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4 thoughts on “Adventures in 3-year-old diction”

  1. Carrie – how cute!

    Heather – you’re so right. I’ve noticed as S has learned to pronounce certain words correctly. . .that I do miss the younger days. I’m sure that feeling will be the same in a few months when his diction is even better.

    Dana – that’s so cute! It sounds like something S would say.

  2. Awww. I love the words they make up, my favorite from my oldest who is now 6 was flip- flops, we backing out of the driveway on a rainy day and from his car seat he said “mom turn on the flipflops its raining”
    So far my youngest who is 2 says “yesh” for yes and calls his brother YaYo, when his name is actually Colby

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