Creative consequence

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This morning, S decided that he would rather throw his cereal all over the floor instead of eating it. As a result, he learned how to vacuum the floor.

I had him get the vacuum out and showed him how to vacuum the area under the table. It was almost funny to watch since the vacuum is almost as big as he is, but it is really heavy so I ended up helping him a bit.

Afterward, he told me he enjoyed it. Here I was, thinking I had stumbled upon a brilliant solution to his willful mess-making. I’m starting to think maybe it didn’t work as well as I thought it would.

Either way, S can start doing the vacuuming now, right? :laugh_tb:

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1 thought on “Creative consequence”

  1. Jonson used to dump out his Cheerios and I used to make him vacuum them up as well! Until he started making the mess JUST to vacuum it up- he was about that age. Then I had to make him pick them up and walk them all to the trash-it soon stopped-hope that was his last cereal throwing fit for you, they are no fun!

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