A praise

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I passed my glucose tolerance test! I am so thankful. With my insulin as high as it was last fall, I wasn’t sure how much it had come down after I lost all the weight. That made me really nervous about the GTT – I was really worried about having gestational diabetes.

My doctor called me back on Wednesday (the test was Monday) to tell me that my levels were right in the normal limits. No gestational diabetes diet for me! Yay!

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6 thoughts on “A praise”

  1. Feb 3. I was hoping you’d be working then too – it would be so nice to have a friend to be my nurse! So yes, I’m fine with that. :O)

  2. thats wonderful news Melody!! when is your due date again? I do hope I’m working when you go into labor ar at least the day or 2 after you deliver so I can be your nurse…..that is if you would be okay with that 8o)

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