Mmm. . .BBQ

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We were over at the in-law’s house tonight when Stephen’s dad called (he was on his way home) and wondered if we were staying until he could get there.

It was a good thing we did.

The school had a pork bbq fundraiser today, and Dad was bringing the leftovers home with him. I think we counted 32 plates – and Dad was pretty sure that there were more leftovers in the school refrigerator.

We stayed quite a bit later than we planned, helping them take the food out of the trays so it could be stored better. When we left for home, we were able to bring some of the meat home with us, as well as some of the baked beans (Bush’s Beans – my favorite) and some of the chips.

I just had to smile. I’ll need to go grocery shopping one more time before we leave for the wedding, but I don’t want to bring too many perishables into the house right before we go out of town. It was nice to be able to bring home a few meals’ worth of bbq to save me some on buying groceries.

Isn’t that just like God though? I love how He provides us with “little things” here and there. Like getting 4 eggs today when last week we only averaged 1 or 2 a day. . .and getting a bunch of jewelry orders that won’t require me to order supplies right away. . .and having triple coupons come at a time when I have lots of really good coupons to use that should save us a lot of money. . .God is so good!

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