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Just to let you know, eBay is great for coupons – people clip coupons and list them there – so if I want multiples of one kind of coupon, I just look on eBay. I ordered several groups of coupons yesterday. It’s great – just using one or two of a set at a triples sale will pay for that set, and I usually get to use more than just one or two. Any that I can’t use get filed in my binder for later – or given to friends at church who I know will use them. You can’t beat that!

Yes, you’re not supposed to sell coupons – so the eBay listings are actually paying the people to find, sort, clip, and list the coupons.

The last time we had triple coupons was a couple of weeks ago. The coupons I ordered for that sale (Splenda, tea, and toothbrushes) will still be good next week, and will still be good deals. It’s nice – by stocking up on non-perishable items now, it saves money until I can stock up again at the next super-sale. We don’t have the room to stockpile a TON of stuff, but the little bit that we do have room for is a huge help.

A website I’ve found to be incredibly helpful for couponing is To a newbie there, it’s probably information overload, but it’s been a huge help for me to figure out which items are the best to use coupons on for the least amount of money out of pocket.

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