Busy, busy

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Wow – life seems to be so crazy busy around here! Through the next two weeks though, it’ll get busier.

The biggest upcoming event is my brother’s wedding next weekend. He is marrying such a wonderful girl – we are all so happy for them (Carrie, you asked which brother it is – it’s Andy). All three of us are in the wedding. I’m the pianist, Stephen and I are singing a duet, and S is the ring bearer. Added to that is the fact that the wedding is in MI, so that adds a 14 hour car trip to the fun. Heh – it ought to be interesting – a 14 hour trip with a potty training preschooler and a pregnant mama. I’m curious how long it’s actually going to take us to get there! It will be a whirlwind trip, but I am excited about it.

One thing I’m especially thankful for is that Stephen’s mom is loaning us her car for the trip. Our van needs some work before we could drive it that far, and Mom’s car gets MUCH better mileage than our van does.

Sunday morning, S announced that his ear hurt, so I kept an eye on him. When he woke up grumpy on Monday and still saying his ear hurt, I called the doctor. I had to laugh – the whole time I was on the phone with them, he was in the background yelling, “Don’t call the doctor!” When I told him that the doctor has a giant fish tank though, he got super-excited. He asked about going to the doctor to see the fish for the rest of the day! Unfortunately, the little guy does have an ear infection. That is consistent for him though – about a week after he gets a runny nose, he gets an ear infection. The doctor gave him a stronger antibiotic this time though. Hopefully we can get this infection knocked out so we don’t have to keep going back several times over the winter this year. We must have caught it fairly early this time though, because for the most part, he doesn’t act like he’s in a lot of pain. He woke up in pain the first night, but that was it.

There’s also a bunch of projects I’m working on. The dress I’m wearing for the wedding is almost done – I just have to finish a few of the inside seam edges and hem it. It sure was an adventure though. I made some modifications to the pattern (raising the neckline, lowering the hem, and changing the sleeves), and didn’t buy enough extra fabric for the changes. Finally though, with some creative piece arranging, there was enough to make the dress. I was really panicking for a bit there though! I’ll probably wait to post a picture of it until the wedding though.

Another project (or two) is some miscellaneous jewelry. . .I want a matching necklace for my dress (of course!) and my Mom asked me to make her one for her dress. I already finished one for her, but I’ve been toying with the idea of making another. We’ll see.

I also need to make up some business cards for Stephen. He’s starting a window washing business, and needs some cards to hand out. Thankfully that is something he’s done before, so it’s not like the whole window washing is completely new to him.

One of our local stores is also doing triple coupons next week, so I’ve been busy preparing for that. The fun is, they’re doing it Wed, Thu, and Fri – and we’re leaving Thu. So as of right now, it looks like I’m taking Stephen to work, going tripling, coming home, packing the car, trying to take a nap (HA!), and then picking him up from work and we’ll head to MI from there. It’ll be a busy day. I have some really good coupons and should be able to save quite a bit of money this time around so it’s not something I’m going to skip. Last time we had triples at a different store, I paid $5.05 for right at $49 of stuff. I’m hoping to do as well (or better) this time around.

Guess that’s about it for now, ha! Hopefully things can get done without life getting too crazy!

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