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Our library has online access where you can request books. I went through several days ago and requested several books about labor and childbirth.

The library called me to say my books were in. I eagerly picked them up and began reading. I figure it’s my first pregnancy so I’d like to read what I can about labor, birth, and what I can expect.

What I’m wondering, is how in the world I managed to get all books that have a homebirth slant. Don’t get me wrong – the concept of homebirth fascinates me, but for reasons I’d rather not go into on this blog, it isn’t an option for me at this time. Someday, maybe, but not right now, at least I don’t think so. I’m not going to let it become a debate here, just making a statement.

It just made me laugh though that the books I received were all pro-homebirth and not so pro-hospital birth. I find it oddly amusing that it worked out that way.

Now what I’d really like to find is labor/childbirth books that have been written by Christian authors. . .but I have no idea where to find such books. Fundamental Christian authors would be even better. . .but. . .again. . .I haven’t a clue where to find them!

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2 thoughts on “Just wondering”

  1. Hey Melody,
    Annie gave me a super-great Chrisitan book that followed the pregnancy and labor/birth. I think…however, it may have just been pregnancy. I have loaned it out. Otherwise I would just check. I think it was Christian Family…something or another. Anyway, my point is, Annie suggests really good books. You might want to shoot her a line and ask her. Also, all the reading that I did, didn’t benefit me as much as the childbirthing classes that Justin and I took. Just my opinion though. I liked being able to ask questions and hear other people’s questions that I hadn’t even thought of yet…Didn’t know if you were planning that route or not. Well, this has turned into a novel…Hope it helps. Let me know if you need anything.

  2. Melody,

    I wish I could be more help. It was necessary for me to have a C-section the first time and so my other pregnancies were followed by c-sections, as well.

    I wish I had not had to have c-sections (it would have eliminated alot of the physical problems I suffer now because of adhesions) However, the end result were three healthy babies. So while I do believe that birth is a natural process, for me that natural process could have resulted in death for me or my babies–so therefore, I am thankful.

    Ihope you find what you are looking for.

    So happy for you and the little life growing inside!

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