The dress I've been sewing, and a little update

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Here’s a picture of the dress I’ve been working on. I first saw the pattern online and loved it. I did have a few adventures trying to sew it (didn’t buy enough extra fabric for the alterations I wanted to make) but I just love how it turned out. It is very comfortable AND modest – something that I’ve had a hard time finding with maternity clothes. I’d like to make another from the pattern, but we’ll see.

I’m 24 weeks along in this picture. It just blows me away that I’m already 6 months pregnant. Time really has flown.

I do have some concerns about my weight now though. At the beginning, I lost weight, and when I gained it back, it was at a nice and slow pace. Now I’ve been gaining an average of two pounds a week. Even my doctor was concerned about that the last time I was in, but I haven’t really changed how I’ve been eating. It’s one of the things I’ll be asking about at the next appointment, but I suppose to some extent, it’s just one of those things that only time will tell how it goes.

My next project is probably going to be diapers. We already have all the prefolds we need, but the plastic pants I used with S are too worn out to work well with this wee one. When S got older, I made him some fleece diaper covers that worked really well, so I’m leaning toward making smaller fleece covers since I don’t have any little bitty ones. I wanted to sew some all-in-ones, but the prefolds worked so well with us that that’s probably what we’ll do this time around as well.

A diaper bag is on my to-do list as well. There’s some Amy Butler fabric I’d like to get for it, but at $8 and up a yard, I’ve been putting off buying it. Guess I’m too much of a tightwad to get it just yet. :tongue1_tb: Our local fabric store probably has some nice material, but I haven’t made it there recently to look.

A third project I’m contemplating is using some of my scrapbooking stuff to make thank you cards for after baby arrives. I’ve got a ton of nice papers, so all I need to do is actually sit down and do it. Ha! If it’s anything like S’s scrapbook, it’ll be a while. The pages I’m still working on for his book are from his adoption party – which was just barely over three years ago! Guess I’d better get working!

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11 thoughts on “The dress I've been sewing, and a little update”

  1. Kelly – it is only one baby. People keep teasing me about two because I’m big. . .and they do run in the family. But after three ultrasounds and only seeing one, I think it’s safe to say we’re only having one baby.

    Thanks for the congratulations! I’m still about as in shock about it now as I was when I found out almost six months ago! We serve such an AMAZING God!

  2. Oh Melody, I’ve been so busy moving and trying to get an kinda like at-home business, that I have not been back here in a while to read.

    Your PREGNANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WooHoo!!!! I am SO happy for y’all!!! I just KNOW y’all are going crazy, huh?! Is it only one? Or twins maybe!!!

    Congrates again Mell and I wish y’all the best!


  3. You did a wonderful job on your dress!
    I love the look of it!

    I had no idea we were in your neck of the woods last week! Maybe next year. ;o)

    Hope you’re enjoying your week ~

  4. Marla, I was just going to get a yard – and then line it with a different fabric.

    Erin, thanks!

    Sara, we serve such an awesome God, don’t we? Thanks for sharing your story!!!

  5. Hi Melody,
    I started reading your blog when I clicked on your link on Hannah’s Prayer. (I confess, I’m a lurker.:)In switching computers I lost my bookmark. Somehow today I was able to remember it and….I am so incredibly thrilled to read that God has blessed you with a pregnancy! The same thing happened to me after adopting our daughter, and our son just turned one on Sunday. God is good, so good! Like you, I just was in awe that God would allow us to experience it.

    I too, was on Metformin, however I give no credit to Met for the pregnancy (as I’m sure you don’t) as I had been on it for like 4 1/2 years when I found myself unexpectedly expecting.

    Again, I am so happy for you! It really warmed my heart when I found your blog, and right there at the top was a picture of you with a big belly!

    I’ll pray for you during your pregnancy.
    Sara in Indiana

  6. You look great. Being pregnant is wonderful. Revel in every moment, it does truly fly by. I remember even after my boys were born even though I was so glad to meet them, I missed feeling them inside!

    Have a grear day and know that you were missed. I had forgotten that you had gone a wedding and was hoping that you were okay.

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