Surprise in the chicken coop

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I hate snakes.

We went outside to check on the chickens and look for eggs. When I got near the coop, I noticed that one of our chicks was loose. That was odd because they were pretty secure in the little coop we had them in. S helped me catch it and we went in the main fenced in chicken yard to put it back.

There was a snake in the coop. I’m still not 100% sure how this chick got out, but it must’ve been pretty frantic to get away from the snake.

That snake made me mad. We incubated and hatched those chicks ourselves. And the snake killed one of them.

I’m not as brave as Stephen is – there’s no way I was going to catch the thing. I headed back into the house to get the pellet gun.

It took me several shots before I hit it enough to really injure it. I guess I need to work on my marksmanship a bit more because it was definitely close range! :blush_tb: I finally shot that snake though!

Now I’m just hoping it’s actually dead so that Stephen can dispose of it when he gets home. There’s just not enough bravery here today for me to do it. :wink1_tb:

S stood outside the coop, away from me since I had the gun. He kept asking me, “You gonna kill that snake, Mama?” Oh yes, son, I am going to kill that snake!

Those snakes better watch out – you don’t mess with my animals!

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7 thoughts on “Surprise in the chicken coop”

  1. LOL! I am terrified of snakes! The only way I could kill one is the way you did, too! Way to go! Hope he wasn’t too upset about the hole in the coop.

    Thank you for the link to the spider. We really enjoyed putting a name with it and learning more about it.
    God’s creation sure is fascinating!

    ~ Christina

  2. I guess instead of say annie get your gune we can say melody get your pellet riffle lol. Way to go Melody! I would have ran away screaming myself.

  3. Would it crack you up further if I told you I was wearing flip flops and had my hair in a bun then too? LOL!

    I was kind of laughing at how it must’ve looked too. And I wonder what Stephen will say when he sees the hole I shot in the back of the chicken coop wall?

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