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Last night some of the ladies and I got to go “shopping” from the back of another family’s truck. There were four or five of us looking at clothes. I don’t know how much the other ladies took home, but I am absolutely flabbergasted at what came home with me.

It was funny – it was dark out by that time so Preacher turned his truck around so the headlights could shine into the back for us so we could see better.

They would hold up something, look at the size, and then say, “That is so-and-so’s size – let’s give that to her” or “You would look good in this – here” and so on. They just kept handing me clothes! By the time we were done, I had called Stephen over by me so he could hold some of the clothes for me.

I’m just sitting here grinning thinking of it all. Four blouses, six blazers (all looking rather new too!), a dress, and a wool suit! Combined with all the beautiful clothes that I was just given this spring, I have probably the largest wardrobe that I’ve ever had – as well as probably the nicest! God is so good! I’m not really sure where I’ll put them all for now, but that’s a problem I’ll gladly solve!

Who says looking good has to cost a lot? :O)

Now I have even more motivation to get the weight off once baby comes!

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  1. Stephanie, we were looking for stuff for you guys too, but pretty much everything was the same two sizes – right in between your girls’ sizes. I’m sorry!

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