He was sent to the bathroom. . .

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I sent S to the bathroom to go one last time before he went to bed. He was taking longer than he should have, so I went in there to see what he was doing.

He was standing on the bathroom counter, coloring the mirror with the bar of soap and wiping the soapy water everywhere.

I did help him clean it up, but hopefully he learned that when he makes a mess, he cleans it up himself.

How in the world does a mama not burst out laughing?

This – all coming from a little boy who just took my empty cake plate and took it to the kitchen to pick up for me. . .and he’s only three and a half. . .


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2 thoughts on “He was sent to the bathroom. . .”

  1. One would think that after a while kids would learn that mama knows they are up to something when they suddenly become quiet or take too long to do a simple task. On the other hand I guess it’s good for us they think they are pulling one over on us but as always we know better!

  2. The spacing between your children is going to be so wonderful. My Andrew was 4 when Elise was born, and he has TRULY helped me with her–keeping her entertained, bringing a diaper, catching her from falling off the step.

    I don’t ask him to do any of that, but that’s what big brothers do!

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