A funny conversation

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We keep a cooler in the back of the van to keep cold foods cold on the way home from grocery shopping. It really helps here in the Carolinas, especially when we go to more than one store in a trip (which is pretty normal for us).

Last night we brought the cooler in to unload inside the house. It was still in the house this morning when S woke up. After his bath, he noticed the cooler and decided to play in it.

When I told him to get out of the cooler, his answer was that he was “just swimmin.” I could barely contain my laughter. Then he discovered that it was funny and he crawled inside and shut the lid. “Mama, I’m hiding!”

I really don’t like for him to play in the cooler, so I try to keep it in the van and not in the house to tempt him. When he told me he was swimming in it though, well, I couldn’t help but laugh.

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2 thoughts on “A funny conversation”

  1. That is too funny, Susan! I’m cracking up just picturing it. Something tells me that I have days like that ahead of me with my little ones!

  2. What is it with little guys and coolers?!! When my two boys were little, one day I couldn’t find my younger one, but I could hear this faint little cry coming from somewhere. I finally asked Samuel (age 3 at the time) where Andrew was (he was less than a year old), and he took me straight to the cooler, sitting in the kitchen, and opened the lid. There was Andrew! He was sweaty and scared, but he was ok. I never kept the cooler where they could play in it again, and Samuel learned that he absolutely could not put his brother in it – ever! LOL

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