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Things have been going very well with this pregnancy. I am still constantly amazed that God is letting us experience it!

I’ve been feeling the baby move for a while lately. At first I wasn’t sure if what I was feeling was baby; but since it’s getting stronger and stronger, I think that it really was baby all along. It makes me smile every time – it is just another reminder of the miracle that God sent us. He is so good to me!

Our big ultrasound is on Monday. Stephen and I are still undecided if we’ll find out gender or not. Both of us would like to wait, but on the other hand, knowing we could start preparing a little better is a pretty powerful motivator. Who knows though – if we decide to find out, the baby still might not cooperate and let us have a good look, so we’ll see.

I’m hoping to start sewing some diapers soon. That’s one of my reasons for wanting to know – I’d love to make a whole bunch of pink diapers. Right now all I have is blue, and I told Stephen that I don’t want our little girl to have to wear all blue diapers! Like that would be the end of the world though, lol! I have toyed with making them neutral colors like yellow and mint green – just to be on the safe side. For now though, I’m waiting til after Monday to see if we do find out gender.

Weight-wise, I’m pretty happy. I lost 5 pounds right away, and then slowly gained those 5 back, and now I’m sitting right at 1-2 pounds above my pre-pregnancy weight. I’ve not tried to keep my weight down, but I do want to be careful so that I don’t put on too much extra either. Some of the books I’ve read say I should have gained 10 pounds by now, so hopefully I’ll remember to ask my doctor about it to see what he says.

Here’s a picture that Stephen took of me last Sunday. I’m 19 weeks along now.

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