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A few weeks ago, I hinted that I was working on a big project that was related to my household notebook files. Well, here’s what I’ve been working on. . .

Ready-made household management notebooks. I took the notebook files and had them printed up, and then bought the sturdiest three-ring binders I could possibly find. After that, I assembled the notebooks. Now they’re just sitting here, waiting to be purchased. *grin*

So, if you’ve ever wished for a ready-made household notebook that you could just buy, your wish is granted. They are currently available with a red cover or a blue cover.

Ready Made Household Notebooks

Blue Household Management Notebook

Inside, there are twelve categories. They include:

* Schedule – with blank forms for you to create your own daily schedule

* Cleaning – blank pages for you to create your own cleaning lists, as well as a page of make-your-own cleaning product recipes

* Menus and Shopping – forms for you to create weekly and monthly menu plans, and extra forms for later use, and a blank master grocery list

* Emergency – a blank page for you to fill in important insurance information

* Important Numbers

* Financial – a blank calendar page for you to fill in dates bills are due

* Prayer List – blank prayer list page for you to fill in prayer requests

* Projects

* Ideas

* Gift Giving – a blank gift list page

* Calendar – a 12-month blank calendar for you to write in your own dates

* Miscellaneous

Each section has a divider with tabs that have been printed on both sides. In the back of the notebook are blank pages for you to create your own categories, as well as some empty page protectors for you to use if you need extra.

Blue Household Management Notebook

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2 thoughts on “Household notebooks”

  1. Thanks, Julie! What I ended up doing was selling the files for people to download. I used to sell the readymade notebooks, but nobody wanted them, so I quit offering them.

    With the files they download, they can type things out for themselves.

    Thanks for the suggestion!

  2. Just an idea.. you might want to add a disc with the notebook so if people would like to type their info in the blanks and have it look nice and fancy they could. It’s a great idea to sell them pre made. I found your site today and am enjoying it.

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