Yesterday was a great day for freebies

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Yesterday was great for freebies!

First, Hardees was introducing their new french fries, so they were giving away free small fries to every customer that came in. Stephen had to go down to the school to work, so S and I went along to run errands while he worked. On our way, we stopped and got fries.

After that, S and I went to the farmer’s market for some produce. This market also has an ice cream stand, and while we were there, we discovered that it was Kids’ Happy Hour where all kids get a free bowl of ice cream! So S got his own bowl of mint chocolate chip ice cream. He had to choose that kind because it was green – of course – his favorite color. Also because it matched the John Deere shirt he was wearing. Silly boy!

Then we went on to Walmart to get some groceries. There was a lady there handing out samples of yogurt and smoothies. Since she was about to leave, she gave us the rest of the samples she had sitting out. Just then, another customer walked up who wanted to try the smoothies. So, the sample lady opened a whole new bottle for her, poured out a tiny bit into the sample cup, and handed it to her. After she walked away, the sample lady turned and handed the practically full bottle of yogurt smoothie to me. “I had to open a whole new bottle – would you like to finish this?” Of course we would! We enjoyed it.

Even though running errands was necessary, we still enjoyed it. It was nice to get so many things for free!

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