Praising God for His provision

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It always amazes me to watch how God chooses to provide for us. This week I have been busier than usual with bracelet orders. What an amazing blessing!

It all started with an international order. Just recently, I went through and reconfigured shipping options to make them more accurate. Unfortunately, when I did it, I forgot to take my international customers into consideration, and I ended up undercharging for the international shipping.

So, I went to the ladies of Hannah’s Prayer to get their opinion because there are so many ladies there who are overseas. I adjusted my international shipping and then forgot about it.

I got an email from a lady who wanted to place an order, which she did. Then she wanted to know if it was fine with me if she posted a link to my store on another message board. I told her to go ahead. What I didn’t anticipate was all the orders that that would generate! I stuck an extra gift into her order as a thank you. I’ve never gotten so many additional orders from a referral before!

I’ve toyed with the idea of adding a referral program, so I’m thinking that maybe I really should go ahead and add it. Until lately, I haven’t added it because of all the work involved in setting it up. After this week though, I’m thinking that maybe the work will be worth it after all.

It has been so interesting to watch as the orders have come in. I love making the jewelry, but more than that, it is a blessing to me to know that the bracelets are going to be an encouragement to the ladies that have ordered them.

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