Shopping with birthday money

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For my birthday, my mom decided that she wanted to buy me the fabric I needed to make the dress for my brother’s wedding. At that point, I had already found a pattern I liked and had purchased it (McCall’s pattern number 4398, which you can see here). We didn’t get a chance to go shopping while I was up there visiting, so she sent me a check.

Yesterday I was finally able to go shopping. I headed up to Mary Jo’s, and spent probably a good 45 minutes in there looking for just the right fabric. That store is huge! I finally settled on a lovely turquoise vine and leaf print. The fun part about it was that I still had a little bit of money left over.

I had to stop at Hobby Lobby for a few jewelry supplies, so while I was there, I checked out their fabric department. I found a pretty brown and cream print on clearance that I bought to make a new skirt with.

There was still some cash left over, so on my way to meet a friend for lunch, I stopped at some thrift stores. The lady at one store told me that I was welcome to look at their maternity section, but that they didn’t have much. Well, she was right, but I still found two beautiful Sunday blouses there for a whopping $3 apiece.

I also got a new-to-us coffeemaker for $4. It looked like it had hardly ever been used! That was a great find because our programmable coffeemaker has been throwing temper tantrums lately – burning our coffee, evaporating half the liquid out of it before we can drink it, and taking up to 30 minutes to brew two mugs of coffee! I tried out our “new” coffeemaker this morning and I had delicious – NOT burnt – coffee in less than 10 minutes. I was thrilled!

Then on my way home I stopped at another thrift store, and found another blouse and a beautiful salmon-colored cardigan there for $2 each.

I had to laugh – my mom sent me just enough money to buy fabric for one dress, but with some careful shopping, I was able to get fabric for a dress, a skirt, and four new tops.

Our preacher mentioned the other day that sometimes when God blesses us, it’s not always with a check in the mail. He was telling us that sometimes God blesses us by letting us find things on sale – well, God most certainly did that this time!

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