In this heat

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Yesterday we had record-breaking temperatures and it hit 102 in our area. Today says it’s 104 here. Wow.

There are some things I’m thankful for with this heat.

Air conditioning would top that list by a long shot.

Next I think would be the air conditioning in our van. We’ve owned vehicles that haven’t had a/c, so I’m thankful that our van does.

Next – ice water. And insulated jugs that keep the water cold while we’re outside.

I am thankful for the heat though – my clothes are drying super fast on the clothesline and today I’m pretty sure that it’s hot enough to dry two full loads of clothes instead of the usual one.

Early Monday morning S and I are flying up to spend a week with my family. I’m thankful that we get to fly North – even if it’s hot up there, surely it will be somewhat cooler. . .right? ;O)

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  1. Melody, an air conditioner in this heat is a must especially when pregnant! Take it easy. We just had a heat wave end recently. I’m afraid another will start again soon.

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