Another new bag

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This week I’ve been pretty busy with a new project of sorts. I’ve enjoyed making myself tote bags for a while, and had considered selling them, but hadn’t taken the idea any farther than that.

Then I got an email. “Have you ever considered selling your bags? I’d love to buy one.”

So I sat down, measured this bag, and went to work. I took pretty careful notes, so it would be easier to duplicate in the future.

This was the result:

Red bandana bag

I’ll be adding bags to my store in the near future, but they will probably be as I make them and not made to order. I haven’t decided that for sure yet.

Just thought I’d share my latest project with you!

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4 thoughts on “Another new bag”

  1. The bag is beautiful Melody. I wish I had more time to work on my sewing projects. I have lots of demise wraps to sew together for work but other things wind up taking precedence(sp) over them. One day I will get them done though.

  2. Oh Melody ~ It’s beautiful. I love “MY” new bag and I can’t wait to get it. You are so gracious to make this for me special order.

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