Heard on the way out the door

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He thinks he’s headed out the door to PawPaw’s house with Daddy, but we haven’t decided on that yet.

“Mama! Stay here! You’re sick. I’ll be back, ok? Go over there! Bye bye.”

“See you tomorrow! I’m goin’ bye bye.”

Um, thanks for the warning! :laugh_tb:

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4 thoughts on “Heard on the way out the door”

  1. No, I wasn’t sick – he’s just used to me telling him that because of the morning sickness. He did end up going though.

    Arranged marriages……..hmmm………

  2. so were you sick? and did he go? I just love Sam. He is so sweet and gentle. I’m liking the idea of an arranged marriage mroe and more. We should seriously consider it. Hey we could even sign for them to get hitched at 16. That’d make preacher happy lol

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