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After he had been outside for a while, Stephen came to the sliding glass door and knocked on it to get my attention.

He was standing there with a 6-foot black snake in his hand.

He says they’re harmless. I don’t mind snakes, as long as they stay away from me. But a snake about as long as my husband is tall, and I’m perfectly happy to keep my distance.

All this happens after I had weird dreams last night about snakes. At least he didn’t find a copperhead. But then again, if it were a copperhead, he wouldn’t have caught it – he would have killed it!

He did tell me later why he had caught it though – it was in the chicken coop. We’re not getting too many eggs a day yet, and we certainly don’t want a snake eating all our eggs before we can get to them!

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1 thought on “Snakes”

  1. Yikes! Glad he was willing to catch it and send it on its way.

    I wanted to say thank you for your prayers today. The Lord blessed our trip and visit to the doctors. Thank you.

    ~ Christina

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